About a different love

Because they are speaking English with so much passion and they are so adorable when they do it, I will write about them in English, of course. They deserve this effort and much more…

To spend some time with them is quite inspiring, as the description from one of the pictures …their love is truly a friendship set on fire.

They are so funny, relaxed and so in love when they are together that you could easily think that they are in the early beginning of the relationship despite the fact there are more than three years since they’ve met. It’s a pleasure for the eyes and easy for the lens to capture their natural way of acting…they are not trying to impress, to be something they’re not.

They are themselves and perfect for each other. And that can be seen in every picture with this lovely-crazy-funny couple.

We are grateful because for us it was a beautiful day and we’ve got some awesome pictures, with different emotions and none of them was planned. ♥

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