We are attracted to hidden places like Hadar Chalet, places that are strongly connected to nature and disconnected from the daily hustle and bustle of big cities.

destination wedding photographer Hadar Chalet

Whether it is a photo project, surprise proposal, magical wedding in the wedding barn or a relaxing weekend, we love to be here and capture moments of all kinds, surrounded by forest and tranquility.

proposal photographer hadar chalet

Hadar Chalet

is a stand-alone story about true hospitality, extremely tasty food served in generous portions, about intimacy and comfort.

As soon as you get there, you are greeted with warmth and you feel that you already belong to the place and your worries are left somewhere behind.

Oh, and when a wedding is organized there, it's like in a fairy tale, especially for a wedding photographer.

As destination wedding photographers we were very lucky to take part in such an event, which started on Friday with the civil wedding and campfire and continued the next day with a delicious breakfast, the bride and groom's preparations, the religious wedding, the most emotional vows and a great party in the wedding barn.

It was hard to put our hearts back, after that weekend of a magical July with a golden autumn soul.

We lived every moment as if it were ours, we cried with them, we rejoiced and we danced (that's a first) with them. It was an unforgettable weekend, with priceless memories that now are resting between the pages of our Journal.

Looking forward to tell the story of the next wedding or photoshoot from the heart of the forest.

Civil wedding at Hadar Chalet

Proposal at Hadar Chalet

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Wedding at Hadar Chalet