Pink awareness

Your struggle, pain and frustration – these feelings are yours and they’re hard to imagine for a lot of people out there.

That’s why, today we decided to tell you that you are loved and supported. By people that are sharing with you the same fight, by the ones that are making your pain a little easy to endure, by the Universe and …by us.

So, this article is for you.

Do you see this photograph?


Perhaps you think that was planned or over processed in a dedicated program.

Let us tell you that it wasn’t planned at all. Maybe, it’s one of those hidden reasons which can bring something beautiful and amazing in your life. About processing, we made it black and white and just added a pink tinge to it.

This perfect moment happened last fall, in a beautiful place from our country, Colibita Lake, when we asked our friend to throw that scarf up in the air. It was just an ordinary photo-shoot.

But, when we saw the result of this picture, we started to think about you.

Now, take a closer look and tell us: can you see the story behind? Can you see that it’s especially created for you?

It looks like each element was arranged in a flawless way. And it’s about the sweet sensation of letting all go. Where ALL means: negative thoughts, burden, bitterness, denial and suffering.

Here, if you allow it, you meet with your present and the acceptance of what is.

Be brave and fight. No matter what is the stage of your breast cancer or where you are in your life, embrace it as you won already. You are where you are for a reason and you can find the silence only in this moment. Share a smile to your cat. Enjoy the sunrise. Hug the good people around you. Be kind with yourself.  Take a walk in the park and have faith.

We know it’s hard. To be human it’s difficult sometimes, even for the healthy ones, but the light is within all of us and it’s waiting for you to turn it on, after you conquer the dark.

We wish you to find and feel the power of freedom, so to encourage you, please receive this picture from us as a sign of love and hope. We believe in you.

Thank you for reading and sorry that it took us so much time to share this with you but only in the past days we thought that we can actually do it.

Sometimes, you think that you are too small to do big things.


Silviu & Simona

Jurnal Fotografic

P.S: We offer the rights to the Breast Cancer organizations to use this photo on their pages or in different campaigns. For full size photo, you can contact us by e-mail.

Also, you can buy this picture from our shop (here) and 80% from the money raised will be donated to the Breast Cancer organizations.


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